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Code Generator

Code generation is the final step in the design process. Objective of this toolkit is a complete automation of this final step. While some configuration information is required and while the are still possibilities, to integrate user generated code into the model, the regular way to transfer the developed functionality to the target system should be a simple generate-compile-flash cycle without manual interaction. The Code Generation Dialogue allows the configuration of hardware specific features and offers simple change management capabilities.

Below on this page is a printout of the code generated by the model of the second example in the tutorial, the reengineered software of a chromatic tuner.  It should be stated that the code is entirely generated, so after a change in the model, target code is created without any human interaction. The turnaround times are dependent on the compiler, code generation is  completed within a few (<10) seconds for a model of this order of magnitude.

As an example for generated C-code, this PDF provides the code produced from the second example described in the tutorial, the chromatic tuner. The first two files are hand-coded (korgsim.h and korgsim.c), they provide a rudimentary, text-based interface for theTurbo-C environment used. All other files are generated from the model.



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