Stefan Sachs
Dr. Ing.
Beratender Ingenieur

I have specialized in the following fields

User Interfaces

Years of experience  in design of user interfaces (where I can use expertise from my former academic occupation in the fiield of cognitive psychology) including all steps from screen layout to final verification of device usability (e.g.. Dräger 8050 Patient Monitor, Dräger Julian Anesthesia Workstation).

System Safety

It is not easy, to satisfy the demands for reliability and safety for user interfaces controlling actuators. The GUI design has to be integrated into an overall safety concept satisfying the legal well as the requirements of a clear conscience of the engineer.

System Design

Years of expertise  in OOA-OOD (UML, Rational Rose), Development of own design tools:
1989-1996: HI-Tool for GUI layout und operation procedures (used since 1992 für patient monitors and anaesthesia workstations), code for front end processor entirely generated from model.
Since 2005:  Development of an own design toolkit for small to medium embedded systems.



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