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User Interface Simulations

The UI Simulation implemented in this tool is not a GUI builder. Since the number of GUI builders offered together with developer tools for languages and operation systems abounds, there seems to be little need for yet another one. Unfortunately the majority of these tools are just GUI builders and nothing more. Despite of the promising developments of the nineties (Parts, Visual Age, Java Beans), today visual programming becomes much less visual beyond the handlers.

So the User Interface Simulation Tool concentrates on supporting the programmatic aspects beyond the handler interface and offers a simulation tool to aid rapid prototyping. The interface of the simulation can be adapted to match the interface descriptions of the target UI thus ensuring, that the generated code interacts with the target systems user interface.

Primary objective was, to offer a flexible tool to enable the developer to create realistic simulations of hard- and software based user interfaces. The screen display is mainly composed of overlaid bitmaps, with some specific elements realized as overlays of vector drawings. Hotspots react on mouse events to collect user input.

By using the UI Simulation together with a panel giving access to the events and messages of the other components forming the system, use cases can be recorded interactively.

Examples of user interfaces created with this tool can be found here.




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