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Java Applets

A completed model, together with a component simulating sensor data makes a realisic simulation of the device.

By combining code generation capabilities for the non-visual components with a replication of the UI simulation as a Java Applet, the unique possibility emerges, to publish a simulation in your intranet or in the internet. You may use these applets to:

  • evaluate designs with internal or external experts

  • accomplish usability tests offshore

  • present the product to the customer in a graspable way

  • support technical writers creating the users manual

  • augment online training courses for your product

The demo shown below is generated from the second example of the tutorial.  The only modification required was the combination of the window with the frequency input (simulating the frequency measurement algorithm) into the user interface simulation of the tuner.  The applet and the additional files required (Graphics, hostinh HTML page) are generated from the model without any need for manual adjustment.
The slider is used to adjust the value of the simulated frequency measurement, all other parts correspond exactly to the original device.
When the mouse pointer is over a widget, its shape changes into a hand (). Then the left mouse button or the scroll wheel (for adjustments) can be used.
More examples can be found here.

(PDF, german language)



Should the alphanumeric displays show up, like  in the figure at right, please check, that you have installed the actual version 6 of the Java Runtime Environment. You will find the installation here



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The author wants to express his gratitude to Korg Inc. to be allowed to use this device as an example. It should be clearly stated, that this toolkit has not been used in the development of the original product.